Christmas wreath - Holly
US $10

Use this 3D paper wreath at Christmas, or all year around as a decoration, or a play craft toy! Kids can draw on this, and wear it as a crown too! Its strength and water resistance means it can be used over and over again.

It comes flat packed in a gift cardboard sleeve. Great gift idea. 

The designer says in today's stressful life, with natural disasters and difficult social and economic times, she aims to lift one's heart and spirit by creating beautiful things. Beauty is like a prayer.

Made of YUPO synthetic paper, it is water resistant, and has greater tear resistance and durability than normal paper. YUPO is a film like material made from polypropylene. You can draw on the surface in pencil, crayon, acrylic and water paints.

M size when assembled: 173 mm diameter x 23 mm high. Three different designs: Snowflake, Holy Ivy, Eucalyptus.

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