Komon mamesara plates
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Modern twist on traditional motifs. These gorgeous porcelain plates could look just as good on the wall as on the table.

Designs and Japanese beliefs: Crane - a symbol of longevity. Waves - sea is the source of life. Rice - it is believed that a god dwells in rice, it is an auspicious symbol. Plum/pine/bamboo - pine is a symbol of longevity (evergreen), plum of life force, and bamboo of prosperity. Snow - represents fertility being present. Cherry blossom knot - everlasting happiness will come from this. Bird - auspicious. Gourd - sign of business prosperity and great prosperity for offspring. Mt Fuji - home of a sacred spirit, a good luck symbol.

Size: 10.8 mm diameter x 1.8 mm H

Care: Dishwasher and Microwave safe

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