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Papers – cartridge, Optix, Fabriano
Framed Size 640 x 450 mm
What is it?
AIBO stands for Artificial Intelligence Robot and means "pal" or "partner" in Japanese. It is a series of robotic pets designed and manufactured by Sony
The first consumer model was introduced in 1999. New models were released every year until 2006. Although most models were dog-like, other inspirations included lion-cubs and a space explorer, and only some versions were explicitly "robotic dogs".
In November 2017, Sony announced a new generation of AIBO after 11 years. The fourth generation model, ERS-1000, was launched in Japan on 11 January 2018.
Fun Facts
  • The original creators of AIBO in 1994 said that the robot's behaviours will need to “be sufficiently complex or unexpected so that people keep an interest in watching or taking care of it”.
  • The early monkey-like prototype "MUTANT" included behaviours that would become part of AIBO’s, including tracking a yellow ball, shaking hands, karate strikes and sleeping.
  • The AIBO responds to over 50 voice commands.
  • Sony closed down AIBO and other robotic projects in 2006. The original designers then staged a mock funeral, attended by more than 100 colleagues from Sony. At the funeral they said that the Aibo was a symbol of a risk-taking spirit at Sony that was now dead.
  • Sony said the recent models of AIBO would be capable of forming an emotional bond with users.
  • The recent models were sold by lottery.
  • The initial designs are now part of the permanent collections of Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian Institution. The first generation AIBO design won Japan's prestigious "Good Design Award, Grand Prize" and a special Intelligent Design award in the 2000 German Red Dot awards. Further designs have also won “Good Design Awards”.

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