Asahi Beer Hall
US $160

Asahi Beer Hall
Papers – metallic, Unryushi, card
Framed size 640 x 450mm
What is it?
The Asahi Beer Hall, also called the Super Dry Hall, is part of the Asahi Breweries headquarters in Tokyo. It was designed by French designer Philippe Starck and was completed in 1989 for the company’s 100th anniversary. It is considered one of Tokyo's most recognizable modern structures.
The shape of the building is that of a beer glass, and the Asahi Flame of gold on top of the building represents a frothy head and the “burning heart of Asahi beer” being the passion and dedication the company has for brewing.  The building is designed to complement the neighbouring golden beer mug-shaped building housing the Asahi Breweries offices.
Inside the Super Dry Hall is an exhibition detailing the history of the Asahi Beer company, restaurants and bars.
Fun Facts
  • The 360-tonne golden flame was made by shipbuilders using submarine construction techniques. It is completely empty.
  • The Asahi Flame is sometimes colloquially referred to as "the golden turd" and the Asahi Beer Hall itself as the "poo building".

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