Otaru Snow Path
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Otaru Snow Light Path
Papers – card, cartridge, Optix
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What is it?
Otaru is a city close to Sapporo the capital of Hokkaido. It is referred to as “the Venice of Japan” as it has canals around the sea front area. Alongside the main canal during this festival held in February, small snow sculptures illuminated with candles line the footpath.
The Otaru Snow Light Path Festival is designed to be more spiritual than commercial. The aim is for visitors to forget their daily troubles, relax and simply enjoy the tranquil, otherworldly atmosphere the little lights create.
It began in 1999 and has become one of Hokkaido's leading festivals, with around 500,000 visitors in recent years. The name of the event is derived from the poetry collection "Yuki Akari no Michi" (meaning "snow light path") written by Sei Ito, a literary figure of the early Showa era closely associated with Otaru.
Fun Fact
  • There are snow sculptures and buildings which are lit up by candles all over Japan in winter. Often they are in the countryside, sometimes at temples.
  • We visited one place that had a bar set up in an ice cave with laser lighting and projections on the walls.

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